Day 1:

The weeping willow loomed low over the edge of the lake that Daniel lay beside. The day was now half over, and Low watched the clouds change shape. The shadow from the tree kept him out of the sun, but now he was feeling a little cold as the alert went off, echoing through the holodeck. “Computer, end program!” Daniel cried out as he quickly ran off. “Computer, Arch.” He ordered. Suddenly before him the holodeck arch appeared and opened as he exited into the corridor. “Specialist Low, I didn’t know the captain granted you holodeck privileges.” A lieutenant that Daniel didn’t bother learning the name of stated. “To assist in my work.” Daniel replied as he, and the lieutenant ran. Suddenly the floor seemed to fall out under them as they both fell to the ground. Daniel waited to get back up, as he could see others in the corridor having difficulty doing so. Then he noticed something that seemed to make his blood colder. The bulk head at the end of the corridor was giving way. “Lieutenant, with me!” He ordered. as he ran the other way. an emergency hatch leading to an escape pod was not to far from them, and they’d made it just before the bulk head blew. The escape pods doors were closing as they noticed the atmosphere being vented out into space behind them. Suddenly they were safe. The escape pod activated at their presence, and ejected them out into space. “The captain must have ordered an abandon ship.” The lieutenant stated. Daniel worried that she might be right. The pod would offer them no protection from attackers. but if they were able to play dead… Daniel activated the controls, and was able to get a good look around. The pod was adrift along the debris of their old ship. Daniel cut the power, and hoped that it would be enough to fool the enemies sensors, but he knew what he’d seen while he was looking around. Their were no attackers.