Day 2:

The escape pod continued to drift silently through the debris until the lieutenant cried out, “Don’t you know how cold it is in here? And I can hardly breath!” Daniel nodded and reactivated the pods systems. The screen came on, and showed the grim scene around them as they spun slowly in space. The ship was gone, and no sign of any other pods or vessels. Except, Daniel zoomed in on one small area in the debris field. “That’s where the shuttle bay would have been.” The lieutenant silently stated to herself. Daniel paused. Something besides what happened out there was off. Out of the corner of his eyes he glanced at the lieutenant. She sat beside him, a rather attractive brunet female. He’d never noticed before, but she always seemed to be around. Her uniform indicated her rank, and that she was a security officer. He was so used to being escorted by security that he was able to almost completely tune them out. He didn’t realize just how good he’d gotten at it. She was very sad, but hiding it, trying to stay focused on the mission. What was the mission? Survival? All of his research was destroyed. His project prototype was now gone, and he’d have to start again from scratch. Wait, wasn’t their something in the debris? He focused on the screen again, as he noticed the lieutenant had set a course for the object, and had them approaching it. It was a Danube class runnabout. Four of them, adrift in space. “All four survived!” the lieutenant stated. Daniel glaced around for any other vessels, but their were none.  “How did four runnabouts survive, when no other vessels did?” Daniel questioned himself aloud. “We were only carrying runnabouts, and escape pods.” She started answering his question. “Looks like no other pods made it.” She finishes as she held back from crying. Daniel looked at the name on the side of one of the pods. “Rio Bravo, two to beam up.” Daniel stated after activating the comm system. A moment later they were both sitting on the transporter pad the the USS Rio Bravo.