Day 3:

After freezing for a day, and working on getting the runabout working the next, day three was spent getting the other three runabouts working. As the lieutenant explained to him, these were not your standard Danube class runabouts. These were prototypes for runabouts with transwarp technology, and were capable of slipstream, as well as standard warp emulation. However the runabouts didn’t function properly, so Starfleet sent them to their vessel hoping that the brightest engineer in the fleet could figure out what was wrong with them. Daniel listened as she explained that she only knew because she worked in security, and how close the two of them would be to the runabouts. She was supposed to keep him away from them. Daniel flew remotely piloted the other runabouts to places around the debris to enable a proper search pattern. He started scanning the debris, taking in every bit of data the runabouts were able to scan for. Unfortunately all of the escape pod debris was accounted for. They were the only survivors, but Daniel still wasn’t sure how. The lieutenant assisted wonderfully, and even got them food from the replicators when needed. How she knew what he liked was another puzzle he couldn’t let himself worry about. While the scans were underway Daniel set himself to working on the problem with the engines, and discovered a PADD on one of the beds in the bunk room. He always worked better while resting, but with this PADD he found that their were actually five runabouts that were supposed to be on board. The ships engineer was making one from scratch trying to figure out where the problem lay in the engines. Daniel searched the scan results for the fifth runabout and found it. It too was nothing but floating debris, but Daniel now knew what happened.