Day 4:

Elianna sat watching the data coming in from the sensor scans. She longed for a walk through the arboretum with her boyfriend but her boyfriend, the arboretum, and her ship were now just debris floating in space, and data appearing on her console. She could no longer worry about the Specialist she’d been assigned to, she had other things to do now, and he was an incredible jerk. Even now he was so focused on keeping busy they had barely said four words to each other in six hours. She almost had to force him to eat when it was time, otherwise he’d probably starve to death. She knew in his Starfleet profile it listed his special needs, but she didn’t know just how needy. Then again, as far as she could tell feeding was almost the only thing she had to do, and keeping him away from dangerous areas on the ship. Elianna was promoted to Lieutenant just for this assignment for security reasons, and she started to dread it each day. The data finished uploading, but she continued to stair at it. “The chief engineer was responsible for the destruction of the ship, but not the one on the ship, the one at Starfleet.” Daniel stated. “How do you know that?” She replied. “It’s all in these readings. The last thing he did was to activate the test vessels core. The core, vessel, and ship all blew up in that order.” He answered, with what she assumed was a superior attitude. “But how do you know who’s fault it was?” She returned. “The answer to that is here in these vessels.” He stated, as he motioned to the runabouts that survived. “Each core was activated by accident when the test vessel was activated. the instability caused a disruption in the core of the starship. Each one started to blow, but these runabouts had a fail-safe. Their shields went up, and the cores were disabled. The chief engineer at Starfleet failed to send the full data on these vessels, failed to reprogram each of the cores to be independent, and failed to make sure that the warp variance would not affect other vessels.” Daniel stated matter-of-factly. He regretted his attitude immediately. He tried to make sure he didn’t come of sounding too intelligent. It really ticked people off. Intelligence was not something he lacked, rather he lacked the proper equipment, and materials to make his projects a reality. It kept him up most nights just trying to resolve that problem. Elianna was put off by Daniels attitude, and the lack of respect or remorse for the lives of those on the starship, but she decided to put that aside, for now. “Specialist Low, we have a mission to continue, and I believe Starfleet will be wanting these vessels back.” Daniel just stared at her blankly for a moment then said, “The mission is over Lieutenant, and the moment after that ship blew up you outranked me. My project, it’s data, and the prototype is all gone, and all I have left is you. It’s your mission now Lieutenant, and I am just along for the ride now.” Daniel finished, looking lost for the first time Elianna had ever seen. “Well, our first task, send a message to Starfleet.” She ordered.