Day 5:

It seemed to take no time at all for Starfleet to contact them back. The first thing they wanted to know was the status of the Runabouts. They replied that Daniel corrected the problems with the engines, and now all four were functioning properly. They informed Starfleet that all of the data collected regarding the destruction of their ship would be in the Runabouts computers waiting for analysis. “Thank you for your work, now get those vessels back to us at once. Starfleet Out.” They replied. The two of them just stared at each other blankly for a moment, and in that moment Daniel was very glad he wasn’t alone, but scared that he would be when they reached Earth. Elianna also felt lost for a moment, but at that moment her training kicked in. “You heard them, lets get these vessels back to Starfleet.” Startup took moments, and programming the Runabouts was child’s play for Daniel. Engaging the engines however… “How fast do we want to get back?” Daniel asked. “I want us there yesterday.” Elianna half joked, half commanded. Daniel looked puzzled. “Lieutenant Moor, I do not believe that Starfleet ever intended these vessels to be capable of time travel.” Elianna couldn’t help herself, she giggled a little, then remembered Daniels problem. Daniel knew he’d missed something then remembered that people often said something like that when they meant something else. He didn’t do well with sarcasm, or metaphors, and sometimes it worried him. “Daniel, I need us their as fast as you can get us there.” She replied softly. Daniel nodded, programmed the computers, and was ready again to engage. “Using Slipstream we can be there in under 5 minuets.” He replied. She noticed he was just waiting on her command, and she gave it. The Slipstream vortex resembled a wormhole effect, except that the runabouts internal dampeners were able to correct for the phenomenon, and therefore they were able to travel as if at regular warp speeds. The effect they could see on the monitors however amazed them both. Daniel never piloted an vessel before, and while they were eating, a few hours before, he’d taken the time to learn. He figured it would come in handy, and not just the simple maneuvers using thrusters,  which was much like piloting his remote control model starships when he was a kid. Elianna noticed just how dirty and unkempt she looked, and excused herself to one of the cabins to change. When she walked back onto the cockpit she noticed they were now flying on impulse with the escort of a starship to Earths spacedock, and the captain of the ship was on the screen directing them. “Lieutenant Moor it’s nice to see you again.” The Captain stated pleasantly. “Captain Riker it’s nice seeing you again too sir.” She stated, trying to maintain her professionalism, all while wanting to cry again. The loss of the crew weighed on her heavier now more than ever, and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. “I look forward to catching up with you again Lieutenant.” Captain Riker finished, then he directed Daniel to land each runabout in one of the stations shuttlebays. “I’m sorry for your loss, but congratulations on getting these vessels back to Starfleet. Titan out.”  Riker signed off. Elianna looked over to Daniel, “I guess we should disembark now.” She said. Daniel motioned for her to lead, and that she did.