Day 6:

Daniel sat fast asleep beneath the willow by his favorite lake again. He was and dreaming of debris, and dead bodies floating in space through the runabouts view ports. He squirmed in his sleep, and in the dream, tried to hide from the eyes that seemed to stare at him. Elianna sat beside him, and tried to wake him gently, but Daniel almost jolted out of sleep. He curled up next to her, and let her hold him for a moment, until he realized where he was, who he was, and what he was. He was a United Federation of Planets research and development specialist. He was no longer a child trying to survive through the Dominion war, and he was safe near Earth on a Spacedock station. He gathered himself and straitened up. Elianna looked at him with worry in her eyes, but let herself say, “Starfleet is releasing you form your contract on your project due to your assistance with the Runabouts, but should you try again they would like to offer you the same deal as they did before.” Daniel looked even more relieved now. He’d been worrying, among’st other things,  that they would be upset with him for the failure. Now however he had no idea what to do. Try again? he had a hard time remembering what the project was he’d been working on. “What about you? What will you do now?” Daniel asked. He was worried that he’d be stuck with either a Starfleet, or UFP counselor again. He was terrified he’d be stuck with another Betazoid counselor. Most of them would resign or be reassigned because of the migraines they would develop from reading his mind. Even if they didn’t mean to. It’s how he’d come to work on the starship Elianna was assigned to. Their were no Betazoids assigned to it.  “Starfleet’s had me help with the Runabout reassignments. I’ve almost completed the assignment, I just have to deliver one more, but theirs a problem.” Daniel looked interested so she continued. “The engines seem to need re-calibrating, but we have no system in place to be able to do the job.” She finishes. “But that’s easy!” Daniel stated enthusiastically. “Good, So you’ll take the job?” Daniel paused for a moment, “Will you help me?” She looked at him with a smile, “Sure, we have to get the task done en-route to the vessels next assignment. Starfleet’s assigned me to deliver it. ” I’d love to, which one is it?” He felt all of eighteen again. Since he was twenty one it wasn’t too far of a stretch. “It’s the USS Little Fox, and it’s waiting for us.” She replied, as she stood, and offered him her hand to help him up. He let her help him, and said “What are we waiting for?” As he raced her to the exit.