Day 7:

Daniel had a new program installed for all diagnostics, and systems re-calibrations. Elianna piloted the vessel, and occasionally got them both some food. Their destination was in the same area of space where the Seventh Fleet continuously patrolled, and she thought she might actually know someone in the fleet, but she couldn’t remember at the moment. The USS White Buffalo was scheduled to meet them in just under four hours, they’d already been travelling for just under a week. The White Buffalo was supposed to be meeting them almost half way. “Elianna, what was I working on before…” Daniels voice trailed off, and it took Elianna a moment to understand which project it was he was asking about. Then it dawned on her due to his problems it could be possible he didn’t remember what it was he’d been working on. Daniel was one of those children whose parents had genetically enhanced. Unfortunately just like most Daniel’s enhancements went wrong. It was difficult to pinpoint exactly what disorders he actually had because he had so many different symptoms. But the most common symptoms related to either Autism, Dementia, or possibly both. He needed someone around him constantly, and she had to admit, she was starting to like having him around. He felt like a little brother, which due his being only twenty one would be close to the truth. She herself was only twenty three, and had become very comfortable with life after the academy. That is until the accident. Still over three and a half hours to go with nothing to do but wait. Daniel started playing some Klingon opera which startled her for a second. She didn’t know he knew Klingon opera or that he liked it. She watched him for a moment and realized he was struggling with a problem on his console. She knew better than to interrupt him for any reason even if it were to try to help, so she left him alone, sat back, and enjoyed the opera. Suddenly he started typing instructions into the console again, working very fast. She knew this was the time she could answer his question. “You were working on a time travel device I believe.” She told him softly, hoping she didn’t break his concentration. “I know!” He yelled back enthusiastically. “I remembered! I actually remembered!” He cried out cheerfully. She was beyond stunned, she was amazed. According to his file he never remembered things he’d forgotten, and it usually made him very irritable, even potentially dangerous. “I just downloaded a copy of my notes, from the backup I’d made before the destruction of the…” He stopped, he didn’t want to mention the starships name. He didn’t want to remember the accident, but unlike everything else, this was something he couldn’t forget. She understood his gaze, and offered him a smile. “So, do you think you’ll be able to continue the project then?” She asked hopefully. If he did she might be able to get Starfleet to allow her to continue to work with him. “I can!” He cried out cheerfully again, then turned and continued to work. He was so focused now he tuned out the Klingon opera, but Elianna continued to listen and enjoy it. It was amazing, she thought of him as just a jerk only five or six days ago, but now she couldn’t imagine being away from him.